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There are some key reminders you need to remember when you buy Pomalyst. Pomalyst ( pomalidomide) is a newly-developed anticancer medicine. It is used to treat multiple myeloma, a type of leukemia wherein plasma cells that produces antibodies become cancerous and spreads uncontrollably. Because the source of antibodies is gone, the body becomes susceptible to infection. Tumour cells may also spread and result to organ damage that, along with infection, can cause death. Pomalysts kills tumour cells to suppress their numbers only to avoid spread and damage to organs. Other measures to control infection must be implemented while on treatment. Make sure to know this information before you buy Pomalyst.

The exact mechanism of action of Pomalyst is still unknown but it is thought to have two effects on cancerous plasma cells. First, it inhibits the abnormal formation of new blood vessels (called angiogenesis) that supplies oxygen and nutrients to the growing tumour, and second it directly impairs tumour growth by suppressing interferons found only in cancer cells that prevents them from growing and replicating.

Pomalidomide is derived from the more popular thalidomide, which is infamous for inducing birth defects. Pomalidomide can also cause birth defects in a similar manner as well. Therefore, pregnant women and men who are trying to make their partners pregnant must never use pomalidomide; make sure to understand this before you buy Pomalyst. And while on Pomalyst therapy and sometime after the therapy ended, a woman must never get pregnant or men must never impregnate another woman because of high risk of birth defects on the resulting fetus.

The U.S FDA made guidelines which you should always know when you buy Pomalyst:

Pomalyst is a medicine used to treat cancer and it requires prescription before it can be purchased. You can only purchase this medicine if you have prescription for it. If you buy Pomalyst online, legitimate online pharmacies will still demand a prescription.

Patients who are planning to use Pomalyst must enrol in a program called Pomalyst Risk Evaluation and Mitigation (REMS). This makes sure that you understand the risk of using Pomalyst, and avoid them as well.

Women must use two effective birth control methods at least 4 weeks before starting Pomalyst therapy, while on therapy, and for at least 4 weeks after the therapy. Women must also have a negative pregnancy test 10 to 14 days before and 24 hours before Pomalyst therapy. In addition, they must have negative pregnancy test results every week for 4 weeks after starting on Pomalyst therapy, and every 2 to 4 weeks while on therapy.

For men having Pomalyst therapy, they must avoid having unprotected sex with women who are pregnant or could be pregnant and for 4 weeks after ending use of the medicine. They must always use a latex condom during sex, even if they have had vasectomy. This is because Pomalyst can be carried by sperm and can still cause birth defects if it fertilizes a woman’s egg cell.

Common side effects of Pomalyst therapy include constipation, diarrhea and back pains, dry mouth and skin, headaches, increased sweating and night sweats, loss of appetite, mild cough, weakness or sluggishness and stuffy nose, tiredness and insomnia.

Serious side effects of using Pomalyst include blood clots, bleeding tendencies, internal bleeding (black tarry stools, vomit that looks like coffee grounds), bone pain that can be tingling, burning or numbing, chest pain, fainting, and bruising, severe and persistent headache and gross nosebleeding, flu symptoms and rash and chills. If any of these things happen while using Pomalyst, seek emergency help quickly.

Take Pomalyst tablets at the same time every day and follow doctor’s instructions. Before taking any new medication or nutritional supplement, call your doctor first. Return any unused tablets to your nurse or doctor.

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When someone offers you to have Pomalyst at very cheap prices and without prescriptions required, be careful because the drug they are selling might not be real. Their medicines might look and packaged like genuine ones, but they will not heal your cancer and is not worth your money. So if you have prescription, make sure to only purchase genuine Pomalyst at Cancer Treatment Meds.